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Wales’ CDPS signs partners for ‘tech net zero’ project

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Wales’ Centre for Digital Public Services (CDPS) has awarded a contract to digital agency Perago and the M-SParc science park to work with it on a discovery into technology’s role in helping Wales to reach net zero carbon emissions.

They will form a multidisciplinary team to work over 12 weeks on the ‘tech net zero’ discovery, looking at a handful of issues including how technology can be used to support better provision of public services while also meeting net zero aims and servicing users’ needs.

It will also cover: the sustainability considerations involved in designing and delivering digital services; what other nations are doing to achieve net zero targets in the digital and wider technology arena; and what guidance already exists about technology’s role in reaching net zero

CDPS said the team will take an agile, iterative approach to the project.

Exploring opportunities

Pryderi Ap Rhisiart, managing director of M-SParc, said: ‘What makes this project with Perago especially exciting is the prospect of exploring the roles and opportunities that technology and the wider digital sector have in driving Wales towards our net zero aims … and we’re looking forward to getting to work with our partners to deliver this over the next 12 weeks.”

Wales has a three-stage plan to reach net zero by 2030.

The project will be part of the first stage, investigating how innovation and technology can decrease carbon emissions within the public sector.

CDPS said it will use the discovery findings to create standards, policies and guidance for the Welsh public sector on using technology to decrease the environmental impact of services.

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