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UK public sector among leaders for data ecosystems


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The UK is second only to Australia and level with the US in the deployment of data ecosystems in the public sector, according to a newly published report.

The Capgemini Research Institute has noted the comparisons in its Connecting the Dots: Data sharing in the public sector study, which also says an 80% majority of the organisations surveyed from 12 countries have begun to work on initiatives.

Its assessment of the percentages of public sector bodies that have begun deployments of data ecosystem – defined as a system of data collaboration between a public sector entity and other organisations and/or citizens - shows Australia at the top with 46%, while the UK and US are next on 35%.

There is a small variation between them, with the UK showing 25% in deployment or roll out stages and 10% in full deployment, while the US figures are 24% and 11% respectively. Both have 1% in the expansion stage.

The figures for Australia are 34% in deployment or roll out, 4% in full deployment and 8% in expansion.

The three are followed by France with a total of 28%, Italy (27%) and Denmark (24%).

Benefits and barriers

The report says that collaborative data ecosystems are helping public sector organisations in key areas including administration, security and defence, tax and customs, and welfare. In addition, citizens can benefit from better targeted government services.

It highlights familiar barriers related to trust, culture and technology, and the importance of bring the right skillsets into the public sector. There is also a need to embed security and privacy by design.

Four priorities are highlighted, the first being to identify the use cases, data sources and participants necessary for an ecosystem, and the second to develop an infrastructure for interoperability and data collaboration. Third is to establish widespread trust in data sharing practices and fourth to develop skills and capabilities for a data driven culture.

Marc Reinhardt, global industry leader for public sector at Capgemini, said: “Whether it’s the pandemic, societal issues such as youth unemployment, or the climate and biodiversity crises: the challenges we face today require a joined up response from our governments. That’s why they have to share data systematically.

“Creating a culture where decision making is informed by real time data is a long term journey. All players in the data ecosystem must have trust and confidence. But the measurable benefits to citizens’ experience and government efficiency show that data sharing improves outcomes.”

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