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Tools of change or tools for change?



Public Sector DevOps & Container Expo | 19 July 2017 | London

Next month's expo for the public sector DevOps community will showcase today’s leading technologies and hear from speakers on the front line of public sector transformation.

Responding to increasing citizen demand and continuing austerity, the public sector has high ambitions for digital transformation. But in a rapidly changing technology landscape it can be hard to keep up to date with the core tools that will help your team respond quickly to user needs and get products through the development cycle - and live - faster.

“Adopting Github right at the start of the Government Digital Service felt like a small step but quickly turned out to be a vital element of establishing the organisation's culture and impact,” says James Stewart (pictured), former deputy chief technology officer at GDS in Cabinet Office.

“Effectively choosing tools, investing in them and making full use of partnerships around them is an essential element of shaping any organisation. Doing that well in organisations that are dealing with constant change can be challenging, but is an opportunity to make sure that we really know what we're trying to achieve.”

In his talk at Public Sector DevOps & Container Expo next month, James will outline some of the challenges and successes in building GDS’ technology team. He and other public sector speakers will share the inside story about navigating a rapidly changing landscape to create and support a lean, agile and DevOps orientated organisation.

Organised by Amazic, Public Sector DevOps & Container Expo provides a unique opportunity to hear case studies from public sector professionals on their own digital transformation journeys - and to get hands on with the latest tools to help you establish modern, agile technology practices in the quest to support higher quality, more efficient public services.

  • Cloudbees Jenkins - Build automation and DevOps delivery.
  • Docker - Container platform.
  • GitHub - Git repository and version control.
  • Hashicorp - Suite of DevOps tools (Secrets Management).
  • Puppet - Automation and configuration management.
  • Twistlock - Purpose built container security.

Speakers from the above key vendors will outline their respective offerings and share how they have helped public sector organisations in the UK with their digital transformation journies. They will also be on hand to discuss how their offering can support your organisation.

Regardless of whether you are in a technical or commercial role, join us on Wednesday 19 July to get hands on and up to speed with devops and container technologies.  

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