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TfGM makes progress on traffic management software


Mark Say Managing Editor


Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has completed a trial to demonstrate how future mobility systems can support traffic management at a busy intersection.

SPaT roadside unit

Carried out as part of TfGM’s Project Synergy with partner Yunex Traffic (formerly Siemens Mobility’s Intelligent Traffic Systems), it has integrated V2X (vehicle to everything) infrastructure, the communication of road signs via IVI (in-vehicle information) messages, and the use of the company’s Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) software module and roadside unit (RSU).

This has provided green light optimised speed advisory (GLOSA) information to vehicles, in line with TfGM’s aim to show how such systems can support a safe and efficient highway network.

The project was focused on the A555 Manchester Airport Relief Road/Styal Road intersection in the south of the city, the largest and most complex intersection to which SPaT has been applied so far.

GLOSA and IVI messages were sent from the RSU installed on Yunex Traffic signals at the intersection, then displayed on the test vehicle’s onboard unit provided by NeoGLS.

This alerts the driver to the current status of a traffic signal, with the onboard system interpreting the SPaT message to advise him or her to adjust their speed to arrive at the junction when the green light is showing.

Challenging project

Wilke Reints, UK managing director intelligent traffic systems at Siemens Mobility, said: “Given the scale and complexity of the junction this was certainly a challenging project, but with a great deal of collaboration between the project team and a determination to make it work, the re-engineered SPaT software has proved to be a real success.

“The trial results were extremely encouraging and demonstrated the benefits that connected mobility solutions can deliver both to traffic managers and road users, helping both to improve traffic flow at busy intersections, and so significantly reduce congestion and improve air quality.”

Project Synergy was established in 2019 to test autonomous vehicles on roads in the Greater Manchester area. Specifically, it aims to test autonomous cars on a route from Stockport railway station to Manchester airport and the use of autonomous pods in an airside setting at Manchester Airport.

Image from Yunex Traffic

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