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Space Agency builds service to share satellite data


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Satellite in space
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The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is building a service to share space surveillance and tracking data with satellite operators.

It has indicated that it has a service in private beta and now wishes to take it forward, publishing a procurement notice for support in the public beta phase.

This is part of an evaluation of products and services required by civil users of space surveillance and tracking.

The main purpose of the service is to help the mainly commercial operators to protect their satellites from collisions with others and space debris. Other potential user groups are emergency response teams, regulators and administrators who may need to react to events happening in orbit.

Features and interfaces

UKSA has identified needs to develop a set of new features for the service and front end interfaces for various user groups, while onboarding new users, maintaining service accreditation, continuing to research user needs and gathering data against success metrics.

The service is also expected to comply with Government Digital Service standards and the Technology Code of Practice.

The programme is aimed at launching a live version of the service between January and March of next year, with the supporting contract valued at £415,000.

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