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NHSmail takes on new security layer


Mark Say Managing Editor

A new security layer has been integrated into NHSmail to enable external users to read encrypted messages.

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The move comes after NHS Digital signed up Egress Software to use its Egress Protect solution with its function for sending sensitive emails to non-secure email addresses.

The company said it provides ‘human layer’ security, using contextual machine learning to help users to receive, manage and share sensitive data.

This allows recipients using the software to read and reply free of charge through an online portal or using its free app for Outlook integration. In turn it should make secure email accessible to anyone who needs it, including patients and people in other areas of the health and care system.

Chris Parsons, programme head for NHSmail at NHS Digital, said: “NHSmail is already a safe, secure email system, used by almost 1.5 million health and care professionals enabling them to send sensitive information and deliver effective care. The partnership with Egress will continue to build on this, delivering an effective user experience, supporting security and compliance with GDPR with detailed auditing and reporting.”

NHSmail is a secure email service, approved by the Department of Health and Social Care, for sharing sensitive information.

Earlier this year, NHS Digital announced plans to improve its security through a series of measures, including the creation of a password synchronisation micro-service to align passwords used in the NHS Directory and local active directories.

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