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NHSBSA plans to move analytics to cloud



Business Services Authority for healthcare organisations looks to move Data Analytics Learning Laboratory off-premise

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has begun an initiative to move its Data Analytics Learning Laboratory (DALL) to a cloud solution at some time in 2018.

The organisation – an arm’s length body of the Department of Health (DoH) that provides central services for NHS organisations – has begun to test the market to learn what cloud solutions are available, how long a transition could take, the likely costs and expected benefits.

It has taken the initial step in a procurement process, making clear that it is looking to move from the existing Oracle Exadata and Exalytics system, which operates from its offices in Newcastle and Eastbourne, to a full cloud solution to provide the scope for further growth.

The organisation has also said it wants to refine the way it currently delivers analytics. At the moment this is done largely through static reports but with some interactive dashboards running on the Exalytics server.

DALL has been running since 2014, providing an analytics facility for NHSBSA and customer organisations in the NHS. It consists of three main features: a database taking in external datasets under sharing agreements; application dashboards for management information and advanced analytics; and a reporting facility to support the DoH and wider NHS in policy decisions.

The organisation’s strategy document, published in April, included an emphasis on its ability to work with other NHS bodies on data projects, including NHS Digital, Public Health England and Health Education England. DALL is also being used to support its Pacific programme, aimed at delivering savings throughout the health and care system.

Image from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, public domain via Wikimedia

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