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NHS SBS sets up deal for AI software for stroke treatment


Mark Say Managing Editor

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NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has set up a procurement framework for artificial intelligence software to support decision making in treating strokes.

It has appointed five suppliers – AI Doc, Behold AI, Brainomix, Ischemaview and Viz AI – in four-year agreement with an estimated value of £15 million.

The contract notice says the framework is for AI solutions that support the analysis of medical imaging for ischaemic or haemorrhagic strokes and to help clinicians provide diagnosis and treatment faster and more reliably.

“If the stroke is analysed early and well using medical imaging, it is possible for clinicians to significantly improve outcomes for patients,” it says. “This saves lives and improves people's quality of life.

“However, getting these treatment decisions wrong can lead to further strokes and disability for patients. Stroke is one of the most time critical conditions and may only be reliably diagnosed and treated following a brain scan; usually a CT scan or MRI scan.”

NHS SBS – a joint venture between the Department for Health and Social Care and Sopra Steria – has been setting up a series of procurement frameworks in the technology field, recent examples being for digital communications solutions and intelligent automation.



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