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NHS Digital extends cyber security awareness toolkit to social care

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NHS Digital has updated its Keep I.T. Confidential cyber security awareness toolkit to provide support for social care organisations. 

It has produced new screensavers, web banners, social media graphics and suggested copy for bulletins and newsletters to help organisations improve staff knowledge of cyber security concerns such as phishing, data sharing, unlocked screens and weak passwords.

The materials were developed in partnership with the company Digital Social Care and are free to use.

NHS Digital said they are relevant to across all types of adult social care such as nursing homes and supported living.

Shared responsibility

Its executive director of cyber operations, Mike Fell, said: “Good security practices are our shared responsibility and being cyber aware can significantly reduce the chance of cyber events affecting people’s care.

“We know how busy staff are, but we encourage everyone to prioritise cyber hygiene as much as they can to protect the NHS and social care against vulnerabilities. Taking small, simple steps and considering security in your day-to-day work can make a huge difference and we hope this campaign can really drive that change.”

Keep I.T. Confidential was launched in 2019 to clinical staff in healthcare organisations and was updated in October of last year with new information and an emphasis on the risks in data sharing.



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