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NHS Digital adds new element to Deloitte deal for Covid-19 tests


Mark Say Managing Editor


NHS Digital and Deloitte have agreed on a further extension of the company’s digital support for the Covid-19 National Test Service – but with an eye on enabling other suppliers to contribute to the service.

Covid-19 label on hexagons

The digital services provider for the NHS in England has belatedly published a notice for a contract that began in July and is set to run until the end of next March, valued at £56.5 million and covering consulting, software development, internet and support.

It says the contract, beside covering the introduction of new testing capabilities, includes the provision of services to disaggregate the solution provided by Deloitte. This should remove various interdependencies and make it possible to develop independent services and transition to other suppliers.

This follows an agreement from February of this year for the design and building a digital platform, ordering portals and mobile applications for the service.

Image from iStock, BlackJack3D

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