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Ministers to join Whitehall-wide digital group



Matt Hancock says Ministerial Group on Government Digital Technology will kick along the transformation process

Government ministers are to take part in a new Whitehall group to push the cause of digital transformation in the public sector.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Matt Hancock announced the creation of the Ministerial Group on Government Digital Technology, saying it will drive through the necessary reforms.

No details of the membership of the group, how often it will meet or where it will sit in the Whitehall lines of authority have yet been released, other than that it will include some senior officials as well as ministers.

But the government announcement emphasised the significance of the programme to create a series of digital platforms to be used throughout government. There have been reports of resistance to the programme throughout Whitehall, and the creation of the ministerial group indicates that the Cabinet Office could be recruiting some big hitters to its cause to ensure that departments and agencies prepare to use the platforms rather than developing their own solutions.

Recasting relationship

Hancock said: “Digital transformation is recasting the relationship between citizen and state, making it easier for people to interact with a government that works for them. This means dealing with government without confusion, without being put on hold, and without having to join a queue.

“We believe that doing this right can save billions by 2020. But this means working closely across government and making sure that we can store citizens’ data safely and securely. That’s exactly what this group will do, and I’m looking forward to working with my ministerial colleagues to drive through these reforms.”

Image from GOV.UK, Open Government Licence v3.0




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