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LOTI leads deployment of IoT sensors in damp and mould project


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Mould around window frame
Image source: Ryman

The London Office for Technology and Innovation (LOTI) has launched a project for the deployment of internet of things (IoT) sensors in dealing with damp and mould in people’s homes.

It is part of the Pan London IoT Project, which is building on the South London Partnership’s InnOvaTe programme for the use of the IoT.

The damp and mould project will be the first in the LOTI programme and aimed at identifying the root cause of damp and mould, understanding the scale of the problem across London, laying the ground for improvements and remediations in housing, and capturing evidence for claims and discussions.

Deploying sensors

It will begin with the distribution of 200 sensors among 18 participating boroughs, which will decide how they can be best deployed. This will test LOTI’s ability to deploy and support the use of the sensors in multiple boroughs, looking at issues such as where they are placed and interpretation of the data.

Potential uses include proactive monitoring to spot issues such as failures in ventilation systems and providing a diagnosis when complaints are made.

The second phase will involve the development of a pan-London platform to aggregate the data collected from the boroughs. LOTI said this will be designed to meet strategic outcomes in public health, retrofitting properties and housing policy.

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