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London launches Civic Data Innovation Challenge


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Data map of London
Image source: Mayor of London

The mayor of London has launched an innovation challenge to boost the understanding of civic data in the city.

It has been set up in line with the Impact on Urban Health group’s innovation programme with the promise of up to £10,000 each in funding along with one-to-one support for chosen projects.

The announcement of the challenge highlighted a call for ideas to answer questions such as how to measure the strength of relationships, social support or civic responsibility at ward level, and what proxies can be used to measure intangible parts of civic and community strength?

Another issue surrounds the use of data standards in civic data to measure things consistently across London.

Strengthening index

The exercise is aimed partly at boosting the Civic Strength Index and improving the understanding of working with civic data.

The call to take part in the challenge will be open until 2 September, with two information sessions planned for coming weeks.

The next phase will run from the chosen teams being announced in October, through a testing phase up to March of next year then the award of grant funding in the spring. The teams receiving funding will then work on prototypes until December 2023.

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