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Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust deploys CardMedic


Mark Say Managing Editor

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CardMedic app on smartphone
Image source: CardMedic

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust has gone live with the CardMedic translation app for healthcare.

The company said the trust is the largest so far to deploy the app, following a year-long pilot in the maternity department, funded by the London Maternity Clinical Network, at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Woolwich. The wider roll out began earlier this year.

Lewisham public health funding has enabled the trust to extend the use of the solution among the wider nursing and community workforce.

The app features 1000s of ready-made clinical interactions in over 50 languages and formats. It works alongside the trust’s existing interpreting service.

The trust’s chief nursing information officer, Amanda Fitzsimons, said: “Our nursing and midwifery directors saw its potential and are now driving its adoption across the trust.”

She added: “We use interpreting services such as telephone and in-person translators on ward rounds and for scheduled appointments. The gap in care comes when there are quick conversations you have with a patient, such as when you are doing observations or taking blood and you want to explain what you want the patient to do, and why. CardMedic helps us bridge that gap.”

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