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Land Registry develops support for local land charges data migration


Mark Say Managing Editor

HM Land Registry has developed a group of support packages to encourage local authorities to migrate their local land charges (LLC) data to its central register.

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It has also made changes to its data analysis dashboard and pre-migration service assessments, and indicated it might try to migrate councils in geographic clusters.

This comes in response to the slow take-up of the LLC Register, which provides a centralised platform for searching for local land charges, since it was launched in mid-2018. So far just 11 local authorities have taken up the service, although Land Registry said 12 more are preparing to do so and it is working with around another 40.

Karina Singh, director of transformation at Land Registry, said it has learned about the complexities of data and nuances of local services and now has a better understanding of the issues in migrating a service.

It has subsequently developed four support packages designed for different local authority needs. The differences reflect factors such as the level of in-house resources and leadership capacity, and whether a council needs extensive support.

“Alongside this, we are keen to capitalise on the service of local authority advocates who have already been through the migration process,” Singh said. “Their knowledge and expertise will play an important role in helping other local authorities on the same journey.

“We are also considering how best we can migrate local authorities in geographic clusters, to enable local synergies to be utilised through local experience.”

Overall Land Registry is aiming to transfer over 25 million data items from more than 300 LLC registers across England to the central service.

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