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Jisc launches AI maturity toolkit for tertiary education


Mark Say Managing Editor

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Jisc has launched an AI maturity toolkit for the higher and further education sectors.

The edtech membership organisation said the toolkit has been developed to help institutions decide how best to use the technology and develop effective and responsible strategies.

It provides advice, guidance and resources to support senior leaders, whatever their organisation’s level of AI maturity, and includes a model designed specifically for tertiary education. 

Five stages in the use of AI are involved: approaching and understanding; experimenting and exploring; operational; embedded; and optimised/transformed.

Positive steps

Michael Webb, director of technology and analytics at Jisc, said: “Many senior leaders are already taking positive steps to embed genAI across their institutions to reduce admin, enhance curriculum, improve the student experience and deliver the skills students need to succeed in an AI enabled workforce.   

“But there is no one-size-fits-all solution to successful AI adoption, and what works for one organisation may not work for the next. 

“There are many factors that can impact genAI integration within an institution, including current levels of AI literacy and skills, available guidance for responsible use, and access to the right tools - all of which determine how and when genAI can be used effectively in teaching and learning.   

“Our AI maturity model can be used by senior education leaders to frame conversations around AI adoption. The associated toolkit provides supportive advice, guidance and resources to aid decision making and develop strategy that best fits their institution, their staff and their students.”  

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