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Is this a new dawn for data sharing?


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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Covid has turned ‘normal’ on its head but at the same time it has powerfully demonstrated the need for digital and data to operate and deliver our health and public services. It has also painfully highlighted the need to share vital data between traditional public sector silos in the best interests of the citizens and patients we serve and care for – the people in our communities. This dramatic shift in perception of the use and value of data has put its sharing across local government, health and care at the top of the agenda. Is it time to unleash the data held in systems - old and new - to deliver informed decisions at the time and place of need? Join us on UKA Live for the discussion!

With guests:

  • Andrew Boxall, Head of ICT, Shropshire County Council
  • Sam Smith, Socitm President, Strategic IT lead for Cambridgeshire County & Peterborough City Councils, Head of IT & Digital for 3C ICT
  • Mark Gannon, Director of Business Change and Information Solutions, Sheffield City Council
  • Andrew Puddephatt, Director UK Public Sector, Nutanix
  • Helen Olsen Bedford, Publisher, UKAuthority

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