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Insights for building smart cities and communities

Modern cityscape and wireless sensor network
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The ambition to develop smart cities and communities is becoming reality in many areas of the country.

Authorities are adopting technology and using real time data to build more efficient infrastructures, make stronger connections with people and find solutions to social challenges that had previously seemed unsolvable.

But there are challenges along the way, and all can benefit from insights and examples of best practice from others.

UKAuthority’s Smart Cities and Communities conference provides a great opportunity to learn about what has been achieved and the perspectives that are shaping future initiatives. Taking place online on 22, 23, 24 June and supported by Hitachi Solutions, Precisley, Alteryx and Inakalum, it will deal with how local government is using new technologies to create communities that function more efficiently and are better able to cope with demands in public safety and health and the local environment.

There will be contributions from the Scottish Government, the Wi-Sun Alliance, Devon and Cornwall Police, Imperial College London and local authorities for Sunderland, Newcastle, Stockton on Tees, Kingston upon Thames and Waltham Forest – along with insights from the event’s partners: Precisely, Hitachi Solutions, Alteryx and Inakalum.

It is still possible to sign on for the event, which is free to public sector delegates, from here


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