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Harnessing private cloud to power three councils


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

After inheriting multiple datacentres from the councils that it serves - Surrey, East Sussex, and Brighton & Hove - Orbis Partnership's Head of Enterprise Technology, Projects and Innovation, Andy Grogan, looked to consolidate, optimise and move the technology infrastructure towards cloud technologies.

Using a hybrid approach to powering legacy systems and modern cloud services like Azure and Office 365, Grogan aims to give the three councils’ users a seamless cloud experience. He has harnessed Nutanix technologies to enable a number of applications to burst from private to public cloud as needed – a ‘tremendously useful’ ability he says, in the current COVID-19 response.

This interview was filmed at the UKA Live studio after our expert panel discussion on 'Cloud: an operating model or a location?' - watch the full programme here

For more information or to discuss the themes from the live webcast with Nutanix visit or contact Andrew Puddephatt and the team below:

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