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Government aims to define ‘responsible cyber behaviour’


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The UK government has outlined a plan to work with international partners on developing ‘responsible cyber behaviour’ to shape an open but secure cyber space.

It has published a call for proposals to support the objective of an approach it can share with other states to ensure rules and frameworks develop in line with democratic values.

This comes in response to fears that states that do not share the UK’s values will exploit the challenges of an open internet to impose an authoritarian framework on cyber space under the guise of security.

The document sets out a need to obtain insights from thought leaders to define shared priorities, run workshops to build support for responsible behaviour, and conduct analysis to identify shared objectives and positions between states.

It says proposals should be in line with pillar four of the UK National Cyber Strategy and include quantitative progress indicators and qualitative progress markers.

Innovation without authoritarianism

“The UK believes that it is possible to address challenges in cyberspace without adopting authoritarian approaches while also enabling innovation, development and growth,” the document says.

“In doing so, we will strengthen our partnerships with other countries and build a shared approach to upholding responsible cyber power internationally.”

The programme is expected to run until February 2025 with a capped budget of £2 million.

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