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Good Things Foundation launches Get Online London

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Digital inclusion charity Good Things Foundation has launched an initiative to help digitally excluded people in London obtain devices, free mobile connectivity and support in developing basic digital skills.

Named Get Online London, it is said to provide a holistic approach for the capital targeted at 270,000 people who need to be able to use the internet.

It will involve operating at scale around the city by working with hyperlocal organisations to reach excluded people. It will also involve local community organisations such as charities, libraries and foodbanks.

Good Things Foundation has asked businesses and large organisation to donate devices and equipment to its London Device bank. It will also give out free mobile connectivity through the National Databank and help to provide the basic digital skills.

In addition, it has partnered with Reconome, a specialist in IT logistics and data assurance, to sustainably refurbish old devices for a second life.

Expression of support

The move has won the support of the Greater London Authority’s chief digital officer Theo Blackwell, who posted on LinkedIn that it has the support of the mayor and the London Office of Technology and Innovation.

“Donating your end of business life tech will also help you contribute towards your ESG goals by helping you reduce e-waste and create social value in London,” he said.

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