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Glasgow installs sensor activated cycle warnings

Cyclists in cycle lane
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Glasgow City Council has installed cycle activated electronic signage on the city’s road network.

It has claimed to be the first council in the UK to make the move, saying it is aimed at minimising the chances of conflict between road users and improving safety where there are poor sight lines.

The council has so far installed the signs at 14 locations around the city and said more will follow as part of its active travel programme.

The solar powered LED warning signs are triggered when cyclists cross lines of smart sensors, illuminating a cycle symbol to alert drivers to the presence of cyclists. The pressure caused by the cycle movement sends a signal to a cycle monitoring unit (CMU) which can differentiate between vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes and other wheeled objects such as prams, discounting what is not required. 

The initiative has involved securing a dispensation from Transport Scotland to use an electronic variant of the standard 'Cycle Route Ahead' sign, and follows a pilot that showed a decrease in the percentage of conflicts between drivers and cyclists at the junction of Berkeley Street and Claremont Street. Q-Free supplied and installed the equipment, and the electronic warning LED signs are manufactured by Solagen.

It has been funded by Transport Scotland’s Cycling, Walking, Safer Routes programme.

Safer cycling city

Cllr Angus Millar, Glasgow’s transport and climate convener said: “Creating a safer cycling city is a key element of our Cycling Plan in which we have pledged to improve safety for cyclists by providing better facilities and encouraging mutual respect between all road and path users.

"Our cycle activated signage project is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that seeks to prioritise and protect vulnerable road users and prevent collisions.

"Initiatives such as this which focuses on reducing potential incidents on our road network benefit all road users and highlights our resolute commitment to making cycling an enjoyable and viable way to get around."

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