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Glasgow Council launches online tool on LEZ progress

Section of charts from LEZ tool
Image source: Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council has launched a new online interactive tool for users to chart the results from the first phase of its low emission zone (LEZ).

The online tool provides a map and charts showing nitrogeon dioxide levels in the relevant parts of the city covering the past six years, along with a more detailed chart for Hope Street and data on emissions from buses in selected streets.

It shows that the levels of air pollution fell along the busiest bus corridors following the introduction of the LEZ in 2018.

All buses travelling through the city centre zone area now meet the Euro VI standard - the strictest emissions standard - from a place of just 19% compliance before the scheme. Some operators have also gone beyond the standard with their electric vehicles.

Air quality benefits

Cllr Angus Millar, city convener for transport and climate, said: "Poor air quality presents a serious risk to public health and so the LEZ is an essential measure if Glasgow is to tackle the harmful air pollution that has dogged parts of the city centre for decades. With the success of the bus phase, it's clear that expansion to include all types of vehicles will allow us to maximise the LEZ's air quality benefits.

"While evidence suggests air quality improvements in city centre streets where buses were historically the main drivers of air pollution, we still have stubbornly high levels of harmful air pollution throughout the city centre - and while up to 90% of vehicles entering the zone will be unaffected by the LEZ, restricting access to the remaining minority of vehicles that pollute the most is vital to protect public health.

The council is planning to take the LEZ into a second phase next month, with more vehicles being required to meet low emission standards.

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