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Glasgow City Council signs Commsworld for full fibre


Mark Say Managing Editor


Glasgow City Council has awarded Commsworld a £5.8 million contract to install a full fibre network to CCTV and traffic control services.

The company will work with the council’s digital partner CGI to replace ageing legacy networks and also provide an infrastructure for internet of things technologies and the roll out of 5G capabilities across the city.

Glasgow has plans to develop a network of sensors for monitoring factors such as noise, pollution, pedestrian footfall and water levels, and to support building management.

Commsworld will also provide a mentoring programme for digital skills and offer work experience placements to people from digitally deprived backgrounds.

Councillor Angus Millar, chair of the Digital Glasgow Board, said: “We recognise the vital role that our digital infrastructure plays in the smooth running of Glasgow, which in turn impacts on the city’s prosperity and productivity.

“Working closely with Commsworld, we are firmly committed to enabling a CCTV and traffic control system that makes Glasgow’s road network more efficient, while at the same time bringing quality job opportunities to our city.”

Ricky Nicol

Ricky Nicol,  chief executive of Commsworld (pictured), said the network will support the council is making Glasgow a smart city.

“Through this network, we can build, manage and monitor a system that fully meets the 21st century needs of Glasgow’s councillors and residents,” he said.

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