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Five ways to create a more agile police force with Microsoft Surface


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Enhance your ability to pivot as circumstances change, with secure technology and superior mobility for a more flexible and adaptable force.

Across sectors, organisations are focused on increasing their ability to pivot as circumstances change, and nowhere is that more important than in policing. UK police forces are under enormous pressure to operate efficiently and effectively right now, despite budget cuts and ever-increasing pressures due to Covid-19. Despite progress in adapting to more flexible ways of working, it is clear that more work needs to be done to solve disjointed user experiences and ease frustrations within forces.

Choosing the right device for your police force can empower your officers and hugely streamline processes that can save precious money and time. Microsoft Surface devices, combined with the power of Microsoft 365, can provide police forces with the technology that can enhance their impact in the community and allow officers to do their job better.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the five ways you can create a more agile police force with Microsoft Surface devices, as well as Phoenix and Microsoft’s free webinar on Wednesday 28 April at 10am which looks at how Microsoft Surface devices and Microsoft 365 can help drive more positive outcomes for police forces, their staff and the community.

1. Field officers are empowered and connected

With Surface devices at their fingertips, remote officers can stay connected to HQ, to their colleagues and get the information they need, wherever they happen to be. With data stored securely in the cloud, officers can securely access essential case details from anywhere. High quality camera technology and the Surface pen allows officers to easily take and annotate images to collect evidence.

2. Get everyone communicating

With Microsoft 365 and Teams on a Surface device, police officers can connect, share case information, compare notes and get in touch quickly and easily – whether they’re in the office, in the field or working from home. The Surface allows forces to connect anytime, from anywhere, eliminate manual note taking, chat quickly and share case information for faster, more accurate resolutions.

3. Ensure security, everywhere

With a Surface device equipped with the powerful Microsoft 365 Defender and biometric authentication, all police officers can communicate and share information safely, without worrying about details falling into the wrong hands. With a Surface and M365, forces can automatically authenticate and verify users, defend against cyber threats, keep data protected, secure individual devices when out in the community and control identity and access management.

4. Simplify deployment

Surface devices are quick and easy to set up and remotely deploy with Windows Autopilot – reducing the burden on IT teams, freeing them to focus on more pressing tasks and dramatically improving flexibility and control. With a Surface you can benefit from streamlined management with Microsoft InTune.

5. Facilitate a safe return to offices

Safeguard the health and safety of any workers returning to your police office and screen members of the public entering police premises, with Microsoft’s new Communify solution on a Surface Go device:

  • Communify Greet – for checking people as they enter police facilities. Benefits include quick and accurate symptom checker, in-built thermal sensor, fast and easy and clear calls to action/next steps for workers

  • Communify Meet – for checking people as they move around office facilities. Benefits include the ability to maintain a digital footprint for each worker, manage capacity restrictions/avoid overcrowding, backwards tracing in the event of a positive Covid-19 diagnosis and fast, easy, clear communication

Want to find out if a Microsoft Surface device is right for your force?

Forces need to provide positive, supportive and empowering work experiences on devices staff love to use, driving engagement and retention. This also leads to the removal of friction from workflows and streamlining processes by consolidating tech into seamless, consistent work experiences. Devices make a difference to people beyond functionality, enhancing their work experiences and connecting them with colleagues. With an empowered employee base working effectively you are better positioned to adapt and remain agile in the face of change.

Join Phoenix and Microsoft on Wednesday 28 April at 10am to learn how Microsoft Surface devices and Microsoft 365 can help drive more positive outcomes for police forces, their staff and the community. During the webinar, we will look at:

Integration with Microsoft apps and police software and programs (M365, Windows 10, Virtual Desktop)

  • Collaboration – productivity and collaboration from anywhere, at any time with high-performance chip sets, multi-touch screens and crystal-clear AV. Digital Inking allows for seamless, fast feedback on work and digital whiteboards replace old tools
  • Devices and Accessories that users want and enjoy using, thin and light, something suited to every role/ need, maximal mobility, interoperable accessories and consistency between models (maximises value)

  • Security from the chip to the cloud, biometric authentication, M365 enterprise-level security, reducing security breaches and remediation costs

  • Easy to deploy and manage – modern management, Intune and Autopilot make set up easy and consistent

  • Unlock mobility for information workers, enabling them to work where they work best and adapt to circumstances with no loss of productivity, on fully connected, robust and secure devices with SSI, easy sharing and feedback loops (M365), connected to teams wherever they are.

Register here for this free webinar at 10am on Wednesday 28 April

Meanwhile you can catch up below on how Cheshire Police is using Surface to get closer to their community

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