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Fire chiefs plan data management framework


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The National Fire Chiefs’ Council (NFCC) is aiming to develop a data management framework to help fire and rescue services to implement its Data Management Fire Standard.

The organisation has put out call to the technology industry for support and advertised for two key posts in developing the framework.

Its approach to the industry through techUK emphasises the need to develop a suite of products including guidance on data management, a framework for data competencies, self-assessment tools for data maturity and ethics, and a template for data sharing agreements.

It has asked suppliers to comment on what a basic information security management system (ISMS) would look like – reflecting on the fact that not all fire services can afford an ISMS – and what minimum guidance is needed for a fire and rescue service to achieve data security.

Two positions

The NFCC has also invited expressions of interest for part-time positions as project executive and project board member to lead the work on the data management framework. It said the work will involve scoping and defining products and content, and that the framework will cover themes including data strategy, architecture, analytics and governance.

The move follows its publication of the Data Management Fire Standard, with the aim of improving evidence based decisions and enabling employees to work effectively.

It includes requirements on meeting the standard, mandatory duties, linked qualifications and accreditations, guidance and supporting information, and expected benefits.

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