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Essex begins upgrade of smart streetlights


Mark Say Managing Editor


Essex County Council has signed a new contract with Telensa to upgrade its smart street lights.

LED smart streetlight

It has begun the installation of the new technology, which will introduce smart lighting features such as adaptive dimming based on traffic flows, automation location of assets and open software interfaces for integration with other smart place systems.

This is underpinned by Telensa’s PLANet central management system.

The company has modelled the council’s infrastructure for the upgrade of 82,000 streetlights to LED and with the aim of making it resilient and scalable to meet changing needs.

Savings expected

Councillor Lee Scott, cabinet member for highways maintenance and sustainable transport, said: “Essex will make savings every year as the remaining non-LED streetlights are upgraded to LEDs with smart controls. We know from experience that they will save on average around 60% energy usage, so reducing costs and saving thousands of tons of carbon emissions involved in generating electricity.

“The new programmable LED lights will be controlled and monitored by the Telensa central management system, PLANet, and via Telensa’s next generation of Telecell smart controls.”

Essex was one of the first adopters of Telensa’s wireless streetlight controls over 10 years ago.

Image from Telensa

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