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Edinburgh to deploy sensors for smart bins

Smart bin drawing
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City of Edinburgh Council is making plans to deploy a network of smart waste sensors.

Its digital services partner CGI has signed a five-year contract with internet of things (IoT) specialist North to provide 11,000 sensors to waste containers around the city.

They will be used to detect waste levels to optimise collections and manage routes more efficiently, and to predict trends in usage.

Council Deputy Leader Cammy Day said: “The use of intelligent sensors will help us to deliver a more digitally enabled proactive service and address many of the challenges a rapidly growing city like Edinburgh faces, and will support our work towards providing clean and green communities, meeting our net zero targets and improving living conditions and wellbeing for all.”

Funding for the project has been secured from Zero Waste Scotland through its Recycling Improvement Fund.

Edinburgh began to test the use of sensors in waste containers in 2016. Other UK cities including Glasgow and Hull have also deployed the technology.




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