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E2BN sets up ‘Everything ICT’ procurement framework


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The East of England Broadband Network (E2BN) has set up a single supplier framework agreement with WCL for procurement of a wide range of ICT services by the public sector.

The consortium has named the arrangement ‘Everything ICT’ and published the contract award notice for a deal worth up to £800 million over four years.

The contract notice says the company will be expected to manage, deliver, maintain and integrated competing sub-contractors to provide interoperability in each category.

The gamut of services covers areas including software and information systems, networks, project management, cack-up and recovery and various types of hardware.

While E2BN describes its role primarily as a provider of broadband and associated services to schools, the deal is open to bodies from across the public sector with no apparent geographic restriction.

WCL claims a number of public sector clients, including several Whitehall departments, the Food Standards Agency, Highways England, Transport for London, Essex County Council and Richmond upon Thames Council

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