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Cumbria and Durham police deploy new mobile apps


Mark Say Managing Editor


Cumbria and Durham Constabularies are planning to deploy a new suite of mobile applications built on a low code platform.

Police officer using mobile app

Named Power Apps for Policing, it has been developed by cloud solutions provider Tisski in a partnership with the two police forces and is built on the Microsoft Power Platform and integrated with the Police National Computer.

They forces are deploying the suite to more than 2,500 frontline officers and support staff and have begun to use seven initial applications for tasks including the recording of statements, registering instances of sudden death, vehicle ticketing and a digital pocket notebook.

This will save officers from having to return to a base location to complete the tasks on a desktop computer.

A spokesperson for Tisski said the low code Microsoft platform makes it possible for police services to develop their own processes if they possess the in-house skills, but that the company can help them to do so.

Solving challenges

Chief Superintendent Jonathan Blackwell, digital, data and technology command for Cumbria and Durham Constabularies, said: “Like policing, technology is constantly advancing and the partnership between Cumbria and Durham Constabularies, Tisski and Microsoft means that as innovative ways to solve challenges emerge, we are in a good position to use them."

“This technology not only helps operational policing in a rapidly evolving world, it allows our officers and staff to better serve the communities in which we operate, whilst providing the taxpayer with value for money.

He added in a LinkedIn post that the two police forces have set up a data and technology innovation hub with Tisski and Microsoft.

Image from Tisski

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