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Croydon signs open access deal for 4G connectivity


Mark Say Managing Editor


Croydon Council has signed an open access agreement with network service provider Freshwave for the company to install small cells onto council assets in a move to improve 4G connectivity in the London borough.

Connected digital nodes

It will involve deploying small cells to 35 new sites, in addition to 15 covered in an earlier deployment, with more to come. It is expected that over 30 of the new deployments will be in place by the end of September.

Freshwave said this will also lay the ground for the provision of 5G around the borough.

Croydon is understood to be the first local authority to follow the open access approach. Council officers are reported to be in discussion with other telecoms companies interested in further developing the move.

It has also developed a Digital Infrastructure Toolkit that outlines an engagement process for future access to its 20,000+ street assets.

Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, cabinet member for economy and jobs, said: “We’re pleased that this programme has proved such a success and will now be extended to benefit even more residents, businesses and visitors around Croydon.

“Mobile connectivity is key for the local economy, which is why it features in the council’s digital strategy and why we’ll continue to work in innovative ways to deliver it to the area.”

Image from iStock, Anustudio

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