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Courts Service produces training for Crown Video Platform


Mark Say Managing Editor

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HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has launched a training package to support the wider use of the Crown Video Platform (CVP).

It has developed the package in collaboration with the Family Law Bar Association (FLBA) technology committee and the judiciary in response to the increase in online hearings following the coronavirus outbreak.

HMCTS said it is aimed primarily at civil and family courts but can be used by all CVP users.

CVP makes it possible to manage and conduct cases with all or some parties attending a hearing through the secure video conferencing facility.

The training is designed to help users learn features for full and hybrid CVP hearings, with different ways to access the system and how to use the functions.

Darren Howe QC, chair of the FLBA committee who co-produced the training, commented: “The training platforms takes you through, on a click-by-click basis, the steps you need to take to join a CVP hearing and, once in, how to work effectively with the functions available including how to share documents with both witnesses and the Judge. It is essential training for any civil or family advocate who may use CVP in the civil or family courts.

“I’m delighted that feedback so far has been very positive. We’ll keep the training up-to-date and I do hope that many other colleagues will find it useful too.”

HMCTS added that it is developing similar online training for witnesses and parties, as a well as a slightly moderated version of the current package for the criminal judiciary. They should be available in September this year.

Image: iStock, Robert Baggett

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