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CDDO and CDEI update algorithmic transparency standard


Mark Say Managing Editor

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The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) and Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) have updated the Algorithmic Transparency Recording Standard for the public sector.

The changes are based on feedback from a number of pilot projects, reports on which have also been published, and a public engagement study run by the CDEI, with an indication that the standard will be reviewed every six months.

The standard has been developed to support the public sector in providing clear information about the algorithmic tools they are using and why, in line with the National Data Strategy.

A handful of steps are included in the updated standard, covering preparations for completing a transparency report, two tiers of the completion, and how it should be uploaded and updated.

Begin early

Key recommendations include beginning to discuss and fill out the transparency report during the development phases of a project, even though they do not need to be uploaded to GOV.UK if they do not reach the piloting or deployment stage.

The standard also recommends assigning a lead official to complete the report and provides guidance on the types of information that could be excluded.

Organisations taking part in the pilots included GOV.UK Data Labs, the Department for Health and Social Care with NHS Digital, the Information Commissioner’s Office, the Food Standards Agency, Hampshire and Thames Valley Police and West Midlands Police.

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