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Data, IG and supporting the vulnerable


Helen Olsen Bedford Publisher

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What are the legal rights – and duties – to share data to support vulnerable people?

The public and health sectors hold vast store of information that could be used to identify and support vulnerable people. But everyone has their own datasets, and their own ways of working – what are the common points of connection and identifiers? How do we flag ‘vulnerabilities’ and assess risk in a common process?

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On the panel: 

  • Dawn Monaghan, Interim Director of IG Policy, Ethics and Head of Profession, NHS England
  • Dr Susheel Varma, Head of AI & Data Science, ICO
  • Murat Soncul, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Central Digital and Data Office
  • Richard Duffield, Head of Customer Insights, GeoPlace LLP
  • Helen Olsen Bedford, Publisher, UKAuthority (host)

Resources mentioned in discussion: 

This was one of two UKA Lives on how data can support vulnerable people. Catch up here with the discussion on the data sharing experience gained during Covid to meet the current challenges facing our communities

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