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Bexley Council to install VivaCity AI sensors on roads

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Bexley Council is to replace its existing traffic count monitoring equipment with an array of VivaCity AI sensors.

It is planning to install 42 of the sensors on roads around the borough in place of its induction loops, which only count without differentiating between modes of transport or the ability to measure speed.

Jane Richardson, the council’s deputy director housing and strategic planning, said: “As a council, Bexley understand the importance of providing and maintaining a transport network that supports the current and future needs for local residents, business and visitors of the borough.

“Bexley Council are excited to be entering into a partnership with VivaCity, utilising new advanced sensor technology that will collect anonymised data to deepen the council’s understanding of how people move around the borough.

“The data collected from the sensors will help inform decisions that will reduce congestion, improve air quality and encourage more sustainable travel within the London Borough of Bexley.”

Bexley is the 25th council in London to install the VivaCity sensors.

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