LGA - Local Government Association

The LGA has produced a number of reports on climate change and how this can be addressed by local authorities:


CIPFA – Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy

CIPFA has produced a discussion paper Advancing sustainability accounting and reporting: An Agenda for Public Service Organisations. Click here to download the paper or visit CIPFA's sustainability resources.  (Discussion Paper)


CBI and climate change

The CBI has launched a Climate Change Tracker, which rates the Government’s progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It looks at how the Government has fared in four key areas: energy, buildings, transport and industry. But it concludes that the Government’s long-term ambition must be matched with short-term action if its greenhouse emissions targets are to be met.
Download the Climate Change Tracker here or visit the CBI climate change resource.  


BCS and environmental impact

BCS is calling on data centres and operators to address growing power consumption and increased carbon emissions, in a white paper. The paper aims to develop understanding, methods and tools for the IT profession to address the cost and environmental impact of data centres. Zahl Limbuwala, chair of the BCS Data Centre specialist group and co-writer of the report says, “The data centre is a very complex environment that does not really lend itself to simple analysis and measurement. There are no effective standards for what to measure or where and how to measure it.”  Click here for the BCS Data centre energy efficiency white paper.


CIMA - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA aims to help organisations to consider climate change in a strategic context and integrate sustainability issues into their long term decision making process. Management accountants have a key role to play in this process, providing vital business intelligence to support strategy, drive performance and influence decision making. Click here for details on CIMA sustainability resources.


IDeA - Improvement & Development Agency

Local government is pioneering much good practice in tackling climate change. The IDeA's climate change and sustainability resource offers information, guidance and case studies to help councils reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable environment.