Sustainable Development Commission

The Government's independent advisory body on sustainable development.

Carbon Trust

Set up by Government in 2001 as an independent company in order to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with organisations to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies. It’s Local Authority Carbon Management Programme (LACM) provides councils with technical and change management support and guidance to help them realise carbon emissions savings. The primary focus of the work is to reduce emissions under the control of the local authority such as buildings, vehicle fleets, street lighting and landfill sites.


Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation providing free impartial advice aimed at helping save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the home.
More than 300 English councils have signed up to the trust’s Nottingham Declaration, under which councils pledge to systematically address the causes of climate change and to prepare their community for its impacts. The declaration includes: is a global on-line community that provides free, easy-to-use tools to help participants assess, track, and compare energy performance, share proven best practices to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and encourage sustainable innovation.


Salix Finance

An independent, publicly funded company, set up in 2004, to accelerate public sector investment in energy efficiency technologies through invest to save schemes. Salix has public funding from the Carbon Trust and is working across the public sector with Local Authorities, NHS Foundation Trusts, Higher and Further Education institutions and Central Government. It provides interest-free match funding to the public sector to invest in energy efficiency measures and technologies that will reduce carbon emissions via its Local Authority Energy Financing programme.