An example of an integrated campaign

UKAuthority sector experts will help you to identify your communications and engagement needs. We then work with your PR, sales and marketing teams as required to create compact, integrated campaigns to help you achieve specific sales and marketing ambitions in the sector. A typical client package could include: 

Campaign example image

User story, opinion piece or event editorial

UKAuthority journalist to interview client spokesperson or customer on agreed theme or user story and produce an advertorial or ‘news feature’. Client to clear content prior to publication on the UKAuthority platform. 

Targeted email 

Your content (UKAuthority articles, videos, your own digital content etc) will be distributed to the relevant audience segment within UKAuthority’s core circulation, editorial and research database of more than 36,000 key public chief and senior executives, directors and officers from central and local government, police, fire, health and ancillary services. 

  • Content and html will be created by the UKAuthority team from artwork / branding and Calls to Action provided by client
  • Calls To Action to include wording compliant with Data Protection requirements 
  • Email broadcast by UKAuthority data engine to targeted audience
  • Click throughs from the email to relevant digital assets will be tracked and included in lead delivery as appropriate
UKAuthority newsletter
Opinion and case study content will be included in a relevant UKAuthority newsletter – click throughs from the newsletter to the web article will be tracked and included in lead delivery.

Social media support
Supporting Twitter activity for the campaign from relevant UKAuthority accounts. Staff will promote stories and relevant news items across accounts and enter into limited conversations – referring back to the client for any complex or direct queries. 

Lead delivery

Details of click throughs to agreed Calls To Action are provided to the client as expressions of interest, subject to Data Protection protocols, in excel spreadsheet format one week to ten days after the email broadcast or resends. Lead data fields provided include:  

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Job title
  • Main switchboard number
  • Organisation
  • Details of action taken
  • Main postal address