Friday 17 May 2013

LG Digital Alliance - a coalition of the willing

While GDS has been focusing on central government's digital domain, an alliance of local government groups has been forming to tackle the development of frontline digital public services. This "coalition of the willing" brings together the different perspectives that will be needed to deliver successful local digital services: the Department of Communities & Local Government, the LGA, Local Government Delivery Council, Local CIO Council, Local Contact Council, Local Gov Digital and Socitm. "There was a real opportunity," explains LGA programme manager, Siobhan Coughlan, "to bring these groups together... to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts." Local government is key to delivering many public services, says Coughlan, and it is "absolutely essential that local government is involved in services that have frontline delivery". DCLG, she adds, can provide the conduit for coordination with the major central government service transformations currently under way. Viewing delivery from the user's perspective is essential, she maintains, quoting the 'Tell Us Once' project that simplifies the process of notifying the entire public sector of a death - "It's 'One and Done'. Why can't we do that with a whole range of public services?"