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DCLG Local Digital Campaign Sponsors

Local Digital Campaign


The Local Digital Campaign supports the delivery of excellent local public services by:

    • Amplifying innovation and culture change to accelerate use of digital to deliver better services and save money, and
    • Creating lasting two-way sharing between central and local public services.

The Local Digital Campaign is a partnership between DCLG and LB Camden. Launched in October 2013, the first phase of the campaign is due to finish in March 2015. The campaign designs and delivers tailored events to bring central and local government representatives together to discuss theirs and customers’ needs, to identify blockers to effective digital public services and how to overcome these, and to share learning and  good practice. The project has three main streams:

  1. Discovery
    1. Step 1: We host a Discovery Day with a central government department that is undergoing change  where local authorities are a key delivery partner or potential beneficiaries e.g. Land Registry, DVLA. We use these events to identify priority issues, to scope potential projects to resolve them and test their feasibility.
    2. Step 2: We hold Co-Design Days with service users, heads of service, policy-experts, and developers to design nationally scalable solutions. We develop prototype solutions and business cases and agree those we want to pursue.
    3. Step 3: After co-design, we work with the department in question to develop a business case and refine the product design so a business case can be accepted.
  2. Skills: These events aim to improve the digital skills of local authority employees, focusing on the key digital skills in demand in local authorities.
  3. Futures: We run Local Digital Futures conferences to highlight the future of technology and public services that we need to be preparing for now. We also run Thought Leadership events and dinner debates to gather senior decision-makers and encourage them to work together.

The Campaign has run 28 events between January and September 2014, attended by 1,389 delegates - 94% of attendees would recommend our events to a colleague.

Campaign Amplification

As well as the direct audience for events, the Campaign reaches a wider audience through its online presence, in order to amplify the learning and knowledge shared. For example:

    • 70,199 newsletter opens from January to September.
    • To date we have had 53,756 views for the news blog from 24,118 unique visitors (77% of our target audience).
    • Across all our Twitter hashtags, our total reach to date is over eight million impressions.