• Green IT, pragmatism & strategy
    The Green Bandwagon is rolling, but how can we steer beyond the hype and adopt a pragmatic approach that's embedded in our ICT strategy? And how can we avoid preaching to the converted and influence those who are only paying lip-service? says Richard Steel, Society of IT Management (SOCITM) President, CIO London Borough of Newham.  ...More

  • Green veneer or green revolution?
    At one end of the spectrum Green IT is seen as being sustainable and organic, but with little practical business value - a sort of 'green froth'. At the other end it is seen to be just about reducing energy consumption and marketing more environmentally sensitive manufacturing methods, says Jos Creese, Head of IT, Hampshire County Council (Local Government Delivery Board, CIO Council and SOCITM Vice President).   ...More

  • Right here, right now
    Green in the here and now can make a difference long term, says Glyn Evans, Assistant to the Chief Executive on Transformation, Birmingham City Council (Local Government Delivery Board, CIO Council).  ...More 
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