December 2008 - Green is not a luxury

Green should not be seen as a burden during the economic downturn, but as an opportunity, says the CBI: “Being green, especially in these times, is not a luxury. It is a critical issue and an important opportunity for business and for creative thinking…. Where the great depression was solved by building roads and bridges, what this economic crisis needs is green innovation in both energy and applications.”    …More 


August 2008 - Delivery plan for sustainable operations across Whitehall

Building on the recent announcement to slash the energy consumption of government computers and data centres, the Cabinet Office minister, Tom Watson, published a detailed delivery plan to achieve more sustainable operations across Whitehall.   ...More


July 2008 - One-stop shop for adapting to climate impacts

Climate change minister, Joan Ruddock, called on councils to develop imaginative and innovative approaches to deal with the impact of a changing climate as she launched a one-stop information hub offering easy access to a comprehensive collection of resources on adapting to climate change.   ...More


July 2008 - Government wants computers to go green

The British Government became the first in the world to announce plans to slash the carbon footprint of its computer systems, publishing an 18 step guide to making energy consumption of ICT carbon neutral within four years.   ...More


May 08 - Click on and Go Green

English councils encouraged people to Go Green and support Communities and Local Government's 'Connect to Your Council' day – which aimed to remind people that they can easily access information on green issues and a wide range of services by using the environment friendly method of logging on to their local council's website.   ...More


March 2008 - Government launches 'Green' IT programme

A new Centre of Expertise is set up to help Whitehall departments achieve their targets for reducing carbon emissions and waste across the government estate. Details of the Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Procurement were unveiled as the government published its response to the Sustainable Development Commission's latest report on how the government is meeting its own sustainable objectives for tackling climate change.    ...More


January 2008 - Contacting councils online can help save the planet

Residents who use the internet to contact their local council could help save the equivalent of millions of air miles in carbon emissions claims new research issued by Communities and Local Government.    ...More


September 2007 - IT carbon footprint must become green

Environmental issues will become one of the top five IT management priorities for local authorities within the next three years, says research organisation, Gartner.   ...More


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