Clicking on and Going Green

English councils are encouraging people to Go Green today by supporting Communities and Local Government's 'Connect to Your Council' day.

The day aims to remind people that they can easily access information on green issues and a wide range of services by using the environment friendly method of logging on to their local council's website.

Going online for council services, rather than travelling, could help save nationally over 14,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 5,362 return air flights from Heathrow to Malaga each year.

As part of the day Chiltern Council is asking residents to check the environmental impact their own lifestyles have on the environment through using the link on its homepage - to determine their carbon footprint on the CO2 calculator.

In Plymouth the city council is promoting the green message with ten top tips for saving the environment on a specially created web page. Council leader, Vivien Pengelly, is challenging players from Plymouth Argyle football club and Plymouth Raiders basketball team to share a shower with her to save water.

In Cornwall the county council is holding the launch of a cycling festival to coincide with Connect to Your Council day.

Teignbridge District Council is promoting the day with a series of composting giveaways in Dawlish Warren and Newton Abbot. These will be promoted online for Connect to Your Council day, along with a number of environmental services offered by the council.

Gloucester City Council is promoting a new council leaflet, 20 Things You Can do to Save the Environment, and launching an Energy Neighbourhood scheme through the Connect to Your Council event.

"Many local authorities offer a range of environmental services on their websites. Whether it be, paying for a brown garden waste bin, or reporting dog fouling, flytipping, and streets that need cleaned, it is all just a click away," said a spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG). "The Connect to Your Council Day is part of Government's Take-Up Campaign, which aims to encourage citizens to put themselves in control by accessing their local authority services online - anytime, anywhere."

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