2015 Editorial Focus

UKAuthority's independent editorial focus is on the effective and proven use of technology to deliver better, cheaper, digital public services. The news agenda is under constant review by the editorial team in order to keep abreast of, and document, news and events in the sector. In 2015 we anticipate significant editorial focus on the following key cross-sector themes:

  • The role of digital in sector-led transformation
  • Cost savings and delivering more for less in the face of ongoing austerity
  • Smart cities, smart places and the Internet of Things
  • Health, Social Care and implementation of the Care Act Implementation of excellent
  • Digital by Default public services that people choose to use
  • Citizen expectations and the Consumerisation of IT
  • Improved service user experience and user journeys
  • Smart procurement and commodity frameworks – G-Cloud, PSN, LASA
  • Safeguarding citizen data and authenticating digital identity
  • Citizen take up of digital public services
  • Digital inclusion and accessibility
  • Democracy in a digital age
  • Open policy making

For further information please contact the relevant editorial teams:

UKAuthority Editorial:
Michael Cross: michael@ukauthority.co.uk
Mark Say: mark@ukauthority.co.uk

Local Digital Campaign Editorial:
Mel Poluck: mel@ukauthority.co.uk

Local Digital Head of Communications / UKAuthority Managing Editor:
Helen Olsen: helen@ukauthority.co.uk